Setting Your VinGardeValise® TSA Lock



The beginning Combination is 0 – 0 – 0.

To set your personal combination, follow these steps:
1. Set the dials to the original combination, 0 – 0 – 0;
2. Press the Reset Button (a), using a pin or a paperclip, until you hear a click sound;
3. Set your personal combination by turning the dials (b), for example, 5 – 1 – 4; then
4. Push the button (c) in the direction of the arrow and the Reset Button (a) will reset when you hear the click sound.

Now you have finished setting your personal combination. Please remember your combination. To reset the combination, please repeat the steps above.

NOTE: When the dials are set to any combination, the zipper pulls can be inserted directly to lock your luggage. There is no need to set your combination first.

WARNING: If the cylinder is open, please be sure to lock it again by turning it to the red dot position in the direction of the arrow. You can insert a pin or paperclip in the cylinder.

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